Jenni Bush

    The Equine Business Assistant

Ready to Nail It?

For want of a nail, the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe, the horse was lost.
For want of a horse, the rider was lost.
For want of a rider, the battle was lost.
For want of a battle, the kingdom was lost.

And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

The best of it all

You will be able to...

✔️  Understand new marketing methods without wasting precious time. 
✔️  Find, Create, Grow and Nurture an online audience so you can engage, connect and communicate better 

✔️  Create more leads every day in your business which will lead to more sales 

✔️  Understand the tech without blowing your mind 

✔️  Get ongoing support 

✔️  Ideas you would never have thought of 

✔️  Be part of a community of like-minded equestrian entrepreneurs 

✔️  Open up exciting collaboration opportunities

The Nail It  Mastermind not just boosted my business but my confidence too…


Julie Driver Pilates  / The Pilates Equestrian

Before joining the Nail It Mastermind I was in another business group, but found it too big and overwhelming, it made me as feel very self conscious.

But the Nail it mastermind, is different!

The group very open, supportive and Jenni is very hands on.

I enjoy being part of such a supportive group especially the laser calls, (and it helps that there are different times to catch up so it fits around business & life.)

But It’s not just the support that has benefitted me, it’s boosted my confidence, skills and made me more positive about my own knowledge/abilities.

I’d definitely recommend Jenni, to anyone who needs hands on support.

(& p.s. I don’t think you need to be in the equestrian industry to benefit from Jenni’s knowledge & expertise!)

Julie Driver Pilates

Soon after joining I saw my income improve…


The Lady Saddler

Finances always held me back… but soon after joining I saw my income improve! (So I know I will make my subscription back!) 

I love that as a Nail it Mastermind Member,  Jenni is on hand at any moment just to fire a question or issues over to. And I know and trust she has my back!

It’s warming to know I have a ‘partner’ in business who I can turn to, but also holds me to account when I need a push in the right direction!

I’m so glad I chose to invest in the mastermind. If you are setting up or struggling in an equestrian business, don’t hesitate to speak to Jenni!  You will get the leg up you need.

Clair Rivers-Boyden

The Lady Saddler

Julie Driver Pilates

How it works...



We start by discovering where you are currently in your business + where you are wanting to go.

You complete the Nail It Business Audit to identify what you need to work on in your business.


Now we know what you need you can dive in to the members area training at a pace that suits you.

The Training Covers the 6 Key Areas for all businesses 

AKA the GALLOP Framework

Using the GALLOP framework we measure where you are now + prepare for your next transition in business.

GALLOP represents the 6 key business areas

G – Getting in front of ideal clients

A – Aids to sell to keep the cash flowing

L – Looking after you so you can keep it all working!

L – Looking after clients so you can get repeat bookings + referrals and deliver well.

O – Operations + Procedures how you are running it all with less stress.

P – Profit, Pricing + Finances – all the things to make sure you stay afloat



To help you stay on track + answer any questions you may have, (or deal with blocks that come up)

You get access to weekly group mentoring.

If you upgrade to Nail It Plus you also get 1:1 coaching + 24/7 support


There is also a dedicated facebook group.

Thursdays we meet for mentoring + support. We have 2 sessions to choose from so you can work around your schedule.

Weekly Session  –  at 12.30pm (uk time) 

Fortnightly Session 1 – at 10.30am (uk time)

Fortnightly Session 2 – at 7.30pm (uk time)


Please note there are scheduled rest + holiday weeks when no calls take place every 12 weeks or so.  During these you may be offered alternative support. 



Get a 1:1 30 minute coaching call each month to deep dive on what you are working on. 


24/7 Voxer or WhatsApp support!  

You can send Jenni text or voice messages for support and help,  will get a reply within 24 hours (working days only).


Get momentum and accountability with co-working sessions to help you stay focused on tasks and get support.

If you struggle to stay accountable or find you put off tasks you know you need to do…

You can:

JOIN IN THE CO-WORKING SESSIONS on Tuesdays at [12:30] – 2pm.  Where we all work together so you aren’t distracted.

You can also use  Jenni + the Facebook group to help you stay on track.


Use the training + support in the members hub to up-level your skills (INSTANT ACCESS! when you join today)

In the mastermind members area you will find a whole range of training that you can use to uplevel your skills.

From copywriting to websites to video to business basics.

You can use the GALLOP transition tracks to have a clear plan of action to move forward.


Use Jenni’s proven framework + mindset training.

More than Just MINDSET!!!! 

Jenni works on an energetic, subconscious and conscious level to help you.

But it isn’t easy on your own!  

Surrounding yourself with people who get it but can also pick you up fast matters.

As a NLP + EFT  practitioner Jenni can help you bust through your beliefs either in the weekly sessions or you can book discounted 1:1 belief breakthrough sessions.

RAISE THE BAR stands for:

B -Belief

A – Actions

R – Review, Redo!


The monthly planning + review will help you make balanced + better strides 

To help you succeed we run on a 90 day planning framework.

You get the Nail in 90 planner to use and each month we review and look ahead.

The last Thursday of the month is dedicated to our monthly review and planning the month ahead.

Helped me steer my business into the success it is today…


Tail End Jewellery

I have been working with Jenni for a number of years now and her expertise as an  equestrian business coach has been invaluable.

I have better working systems, a much better mindset, vastly improved social media and a thriving email list all down to Jenni!

Jenni’s guiding hand has helped steer me and my business into the success it is today.

The Nail it Mastermind covers all business angles from social media, mindset, systems, product development, customer service, finance  etc so give a whole rounded business approach and support. A one stop shop!

Through your mastermind group I had met and made friends with a wonderful set of likeminded business owners who all help and support each other. 

Jenni is a fantastic down to earth business coach.

She is approachable, friendly and always there for help and support and give so much of her time and expertise.

She is not a coach who is high and mighty or with a polished exterior and lack of substance behind her. Those coaches that intimidate you and who you can’t be open with for fear of being judged.

She really knows her stuff and knows how to explain it to you and really get to the heart of your business to offer the invaluable advice and support to help you grow.

Alison Dadley Webb

Tail End Jewellery


What's Included?

This weekly zoom call is your chance to ask any questions, talk through your current business struggles or what you are working on, and need support.  Not only do you get the support of Jenni as your business mentor through these you also have the other group members to bounce ideas off. Some weeks we will also add in business learning opportunities + guest trainers.

New training and modules are added regularly to the member’s area.

Very often these are created as a direct result of needs in the mentoring sessions to enable you to get the skills and tools you need to move forward faster.

Bite-sized, easy to follow training modules, so you understand + act on fast to boost your business

Just like training a horse without the right tack is hard!  Or sweeping the yard with a rubbish broom!  (tools do matter!)


You don’t have to struggle without the right tech. I share my recommended tools.

My own personal spreadsheets and templates I have created over the years to support you.


AND… here is the thing! I am not the typical tech-phobic business mentor who will tell you what to do but not help you do it (because they don’t do it!).


EVERYTHING you see from me is done by me! (I do my own copywriting, my own branding, my own graphics, I built my website, I made this page) 


I am tech savvy! (but I like simple tech that everyone can use!) 


So that will rub off on you!  Not only will I help you to find the tools that work, I will help you feel confident using them!


but that's not all... there's bonuses!


Each month you unlock a new set of social media captions + Canva templates to save you time on social content


Each month you unlock a new set of professional images for you to use on your website, blogs, social media etc.


Access to the other members for support and extra little lives from Jenni


Every quarter you get new digital planner from Jenni to make your reviews and planning easier. (or £10 off the printed planner)


Want to set you your email list fast, get my course to help you to get set up in a day and your first 100 subscribers in a month.


If you want more support as we go on you can book in priority power hours, (I have slots available for mastermind members only) Nail it Members save £100 – Normally £347/session.


I know there are times when you need more than group support! 

So you can Upgrade to NAIL IT PLUS

Which includes

  • All the regular features above
  • All the bonuses above



30-minute coaching session (value £149).


During which we get super focussed on your business or your project, gain clarity and specific guidance targeted to you. 

Analyzing your business, your goals, and your progress, stripping back on all the fluff, to get super laser focussed on your next step!

One at a time!


Plus …



Via WhatsApp or VOXER  (Value £347)


With this walky talky app you can send me voice notes as you are working on things for support. 

I aim to reply within 24 working hours. (terms apply only 1 question per day)

Weekly Group Mentoring

£396/ month

Monthly Training Modules





BONUS: Social Media Captions + Templates


BONUS: Stock Images


BONUS: Nail it in 90 Planner


BONUS: Email List in a Day


BONUS: Save on 1:1





MONTHLY PRICE (group only)

NAIL IT PLUS (with 1:1)

Special Price if you pay Quarterly or Annually

£149 / month


£249 / month

this is what masterminders really say...

Are you stuck believing...

‘TAIL’ #1


Having help and support doesn’t mean you are weak or not capable!  Take a moment to consider all the successful people you admire, did they get there alone?  

When you learned to ride a horse, did you do it alone?  When you knew you could ride, but wanted to improve to achieve a goal.

Did you do it on your own?

You can’t fix a problem with the same mind that created it!  

You are too close to the problem. You need perspective!

That’s why even world champions have mentors + coaches!

‘TAIL’ #2


I was here for so long too!  (So I know how this feels). But what is the cost of not getting the help you need?  Why won’t you allow yourself to have it?  Just imagine if you could grow your business faster, without the struggle, how much more could you make?

If you gave yourself permission to invest in you + your growth, who would you become. What is it costing you to keep trying alone?  (It cost me my self worth & confidence!)

I know that I can get you moving forward in your business with my proven frameworks as I have for so many. 

My aim is to always make the mastermind deliver value and pay for itself over + over, so you are happy to stay a member. What if you made back your investment with ease?

‘TAIL’ #3


Pushing a wheelbarrow around with a flat tyre may make you feel like you are working hard… but it isn’t smart is it?  

Yes you do need to do the hard work. 

But it needs to be the right work for your business where you are at now and aimed for the right goal. 

In the mastermind we walk the course, I am able to catch you at times when you are making the work harder than it needed to be and give you the ease and joy back!


I guess by now I really should introduce myself



I’m Jenni + I am a global equine business mentor, certified conscious consultant and transformation coach.

I have been supporting equine business owners worldwide since 2018 to:

  • Harness the power of the internet
  • Uplevel their mindset
  • Improve their marketing
  • Boost their income


✓ Improved their income 

✓ Seen their confidence improve

✓ Finally earned enough to spend more time with horses

✓ Created recurring revenue

✓ Launched + sold out offers

✓ Been able to finally pay themselves a wage

✓ Been able to save for dream purchases

✓ Been able to get national coverage

✓ Built 6 figure businesses


I first got into equine business when I became a company director and trustee of a charity.   We had to make it work with many horses + children to support. 

I trained as a riding instructor but didn’t feel good enough to finish my BHS exams despite 20 years of experience  (I still teach for the pony club occasionally).


I founded my first solo business in 2007… let’s just say I found many ways not to succeed in that business but despite that, I still became award-winning and got national press coverage on a regular basis.

When I gave it up to get a proper job I became obsessed with learning what it really takes to make it…

After battling chronic fatigue, depression, + having a breakdown! 

I finally said enough left my job + chose to follow my heart!  I found the Equine Business Assistant in 2018 and since then I have turned my life around!  

I was finally able to buy the dream horse I believed I could never have and our dream house is in the pipeline!

I finished my business coaching certificate in 2019 NLP + Master EFT certificates in 2020 and I am an accredited certified business consultant.

I am committed to my personal growth so I can help my clients excel.

got a question?

You may find answers here, but if not then use the chatbot on bottom right to ask me now. 

The mastermind is suitable for all business owners.

The mastermind will help you to take action and get going faster. You get access to my ground work training and assessments to find the path perfect for where you are at in you business.

This is also perfect if you have found that you find you get stuck in learning and not implementing!  We will get you going forward.

This is perfect for all horse loving business owners who want (you have to put up with Jenni’s horse puns) but if you can cope with that you will get lots from the mastermind.

I have clients from all around the world. If you can make the timezone difference work then you are very welcome.

It is down to your work as to what results you will get.  Being a member isn’t enough on its own… BUT members have reported:

  • Best month financially since they started
  • Feeling like they know what they are doing!
  • Smashing targets set!
  • Looking after themselves better!
  • Being able to set boundaries and keep them!
  • Getting the things they put off done!
  • Getting new clients
  • Getting more clients

No I do not offer refunds so please make sure you are committed to being a member.  

The only exception is that during the trial period if you are not 100% satisfied with the support and training you find in the membership, I don’t deserve your money so I will cancel your membership and give you your money back.

Once you have completed your trial period there are no refunds.

If you are looking for support in your business then this is for you whatever level you are at.

This depends on your goals, your commitment and what you are trying to achieve.  

But most say even after attending one weekly mentoring session, the result is they feel more focussed and ready to progress.

I would commit yourself for a period of at least 90 days to see results.

Masterminds are great because they bring in the support, accountability, and creativeness of a group of people together and together you will see progress is made so much faster. SO YES!

Our weekly mentoring sessions are on Thursdays.

12:30pm – 2:00pm (uk time)

Then we have a fortnightly session every other Thursday.

10:30am – 11:30am 

7:30pm – 9:00pm (uk time)

We also have:

Co-working on Tuesdays 12:30pm  – 2pm

no! you take what you need from the mastermind each month.

Nope… provided you can put up with equestrians the strategy and support will help any business.

I welcome all who want to join in, men, women, non-binary humans.  I am committed to diversity + inclusion and I expect all members to do so too. 

There is no minimum period.  However I do suggest you aim to do 3 months to get the most out of the programme.

You can cancel  any time.  Just email me before your renewal and you won’t be charged. Or cancel via your invoice.

You can spend as much or as little time on it as you like.

Our weekly calls tend to run 60-90 minutes depending on the questions asked (this may be extended if the group grows)

We hold them via zoom. So ideally a computer with webcam and mic, a smartphone or a tablet will work.

Are you getting the results you want from what you know?

If YES then you probably don’t!

But if no…

We never know everything and sometimes we are too close to our own businesses, we need support to get us out of our own heads!  
Working through my proven raise the bar method and the scales of training

Wherever you are on your business journey you will find the support here to bring your forward. 

We have 3 GALLOP SUCCESS tracks to help you depending on where you are at in your business

Horses' are great Levellers


What’s holding you back?

You’ve got this far so what is it that is keeping you on the fence?

Have you ever felt like you were the one who didn’t fit in with the clique? 

The trendy ones… who well you might look up to but inside you know they aren’t your people?

I get you, the industry can be a dark place at times.  It can be hard to navigate! 

And we all know horses are easier to deal with than people sometimes.

And then there are times when we just feel we don’t fit in!  

The Nail it Mastermind is a SAFE PLACE! we are all committed to helping each other on the journey.

I want you to feel this is your home, your support network, a place to share your wins or your woes! 

For a long time, I never felt I fit in the horse world.., believing because I wasn’t born into horses and didn’t own my own for a long time that I wasn’t good enough. Intimidated by some of the characters…

But you know what I discovered?  Actually, the horse industry is FULL of lovely people if you choose to find them!




I will do all I can to help you to become who you need to be to turn your business into a wild success! No matter what stories or beliefs you are running.

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But You Can Join the Waiting to Be First to Know When The Doors Open Again


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