5 Steps to Get Powerfully Clear On Who Your Ideal Client Is!



If you are serious about making your marketing efforts result in customers, clients, & sales in your equestrian business, and for the time and money you invest online to actually pay off…..  You need to know who your IDEAL CLIENT IS!

Getting clear on who your followers are, and who you want to work with is essential!

Ideal Client workbook for equine businesses

When you specifically talk to the person who is an ideal fit for your business;

You start to:

  • create messages that speak or resonate with them;
  • use words they relate to;
  • show you know where they are at now and where they want to go,
  • and describe clearly how you help them.

And then all of a sudden you start to attract the right people into your business.

People who you love working with and you can start to choose the jobs you do and the jobs you don’t want.

But so often, many business owners aren’t really sure of who their ideal clients are.

They say:

“But I work with anyone!”


“I tried to do my ideal client but I don’t know who they are so how can I do it?”


“I felt silly, I couldn’t make any sense of it and don’t know why it matters”

They spend ages procrastinating over the answers and felt more frustrated.

I don’t want you to feel like that.

So I created a free guide to help you

Now  there is no perfect right or wrong

Your ideal client will develop as your business grows, but by directing your focus on who they are, studying your clients over time will give you such clear picture of who you want to work with.

Which will help you to

  • Communicate your offers, products or services better
  • Attract perfect clients
  • Save time in marketing because you will know if it is right!

You may be thinking

“But I want to teach anyone to ride, I don’t mind who”


“I don’t use social media, my business is offline so this doesn’t matter”

Knowing your ideal client is essential whatever and wherever your business is!

You cannot work with everyone on the planet! 

  • 1 – You don’t have the time!
  • 2 – Have you ever had a nightmare client?  One,  who just made your life miserable….. do you want more of those customers?
  • 3 – Do you really cater to tiny children, top show jumpers and happy hackers? Because, if your Grand Prix rider turns up to you teaching a tot to ride will they think you are the right person for them?
  • 4 – And if you just market to everyone and anywhere, you will waste time and money, because you aren’t getting in front of the people who will pay you!

So this is why you need to get focused on who you market and promote your business to!

It will improve how you create content + Social Media Posts (click here for Social Media Prompts)

What you focus on grows right?

5 Steps to Working Out Your Ideal Client Profile or Avatar

1 . Download the Workbook Now (5 mins)


2. Get clear on who you are,  who you want to serve, and how. (fill in your workbook) (5 minutes)

3. Answer some key questions about who your ideal client is; what they like; where they come from; what age ranges (this is all about demographics and psychographics) (again set timer for just 5 minutes)

4. Study who your current clients and followers are, go and have a look and make notes about what you know they like/dislike. (I walk you through this in the booklet) (5-10 minutes max)

5. Write Up who your ideal client is!  Fill in the blank Spaces (allow only 5 minutes)

STOP – I don’t want you to dwell on getting this perfect now. It is a work in progress.

Like if you were to paint your ideal client it starts off basic and gets better as you keep working on it.

This is just the first layer.

Over time refer back to it repeat the exercise start to notice more about your customer’s traits, likes, dislikes, and improve your picture over time.



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