Hay there!

I’m Jenni, a Certified Online Business Consultant (part strategist, part implementor, part idea genius, part unicorn)

Who helps entrepreneurs, put their business in order, build stable foundations & elevate results;  Without burning out or feeling like their business is a “wild horse” they can’t control.  

I work on a strategic, subconscious, & energetic level to clear blocks & create flying changes. So you step forward with confidence, clarity & consistency so you really achieve success on your terms.

(p.s. I am the equine business assistant so you will get lots of horses puns #sorrynotsorry!)

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It’s time for 


In your field!

Want to go from Overworked, exhausted, Out of Control in business... to Balanced, Organised & enjoying the Ride?

I help you Create...


✔️  Attract a flow of clients and customer.

✔️  Keep them moving up your sales mounting block.

✔️  Develop offers and products that stabilise your cash flow.

7 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Horse Business

Stable SALES

✔️  Apply the Aids to make selling easy and automatic.

✔️  Create systems that make sure you deliver consistent results.

✔️  Improve your retention rates.


✔️  With Energy Clearing, NLP + EFT

✔️ Helping you to raise the bar on your beliefs + skills.

✔️ To make quick transitions + bigger strides in business.

What clients say…


Alison Dadley-Webb

"...knows her stuff and is knowledgeable, friendly, down to earth and easily approachable. I trust her advice and completely trust my business in her hands"

font of knowledge

Steph Bloom

Jenni is a font of knowledge on software tools that can help with all this, so far so brilliant!"

Makes it all so easy for me

Clare Wood

"I cannot recommend Jenni's services enough. As a result my small business is growing......fast, and Jenni makes it all so easy for me"

Get a Leg Up...

I have lots to support your business whether you are at halt, walk, trot, or canter!  

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Do you know what You Really need to make your business Stable?

If you sometimes feel like:

  • Your business goes from halt to bolt & back to halt!
  • You struggle to manage time in your business…
  • You are frustrated because you know you could do better…

This training is for you!  

Join Jenni for the next 30 minutes to discover the REAL truth behind what is holding you back…

p.s. it’s not what you think!

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